lördag 3 december 2011


Sometimes I feel I´m too sensitive. That sounds like absolute rubbish, but hear me out: it´s like my skin is a membrane too leachy for this kind of reality.

I let anything through, I let anything in. And I can´t defend myself. Intrusion is expected and I´m eternally caught by the fragility of mankind.

If you want tears, I´m your girl!

I try to practise writing, but I´m sad to say it will only take me so far. I. Will. Do. It. On. Lust. On inspiration. Because I love. IloveIloveilove. And that´s it.


I know.

I´m not


anymore =)


Please meet my girl Laleh

söndag 30 oktober 2011

Two Short Stories

The first one is for Erin Cole´s Of the Night Contest:

Predator Instinct

Maybe there´s a ton of fun in this, watching this; women writhing shamelessly, naked and displayed on stage, their oily skin glistening in salmon filtered light.


All the men seem to think so. They´re all raw cheering and heavy eyelids. Strangely focused through the beer-haze.

Alexia brings another round and tries to ignore them, their looks and insistent hands. She waltzes effortlessly through the crowd, that´s the trick; never stop, never hesitate.

Her concentration slips when midnight is long since gone and her feet are bleeding tales of pain. She´s in the bathroom trying cold water on the blisters when he enters. Too fast. Too determined.

He´s fat, drunk and in one of those checked flannel shirts that smells of sweat and dust and predator instinct. She grabs his ear and tries to rip it off, but that only seems to fuel him and her tights are torn and he´s pounding, pounding. Her forehead hits the mirror repeatedly and she feels that, only that, and then he´s gone and she´s on the floor, her teeth clattering in a way that could have been funny in another time and place.

She disciplines herself and exits.

The next round she brings is on the house. And the next one after that. The men cheer. He´s still there and there´s a shadow of uncertainty in his stupid, wasted eyes, but she gets Vodka and then there´s nothing more than intoxication.

Come dawn they´re all too drunk and sleepy, they want to leave.

So she locks the door, undresses and climbs onto the pathetically filthy stage. Does her waltz around a pole now. And they forget about sleep, excited gleams in their eyes as they watch her, respond to her.

They drink Vodka from her Cinderella shoes and she offers her breasts for touching, licking.

When they pass out she drenches the old wooden floor in spare gas she finds in their trunks. It´s more difficult to set on fire than she would have thought, but she´s persistent.

She leaves in that checked flannel shirt, a strange trophy, high on predator instinct.


The second one is my winning entry =) from last week´s Lily´s Friday Prediction:

A Profound Mistake

”We are grateful,” said the Japanese empress, three years old, and returned to her tea.

The interpreter nodded, uncertain.

”You do realise, you can´t own it, the Stonehenge, I mean,” said the Dealer.

The slant of a smile as she accepted her third cup.

”You´ve already given it to me!”

The Dealer exchanged looks with the interpreter, a pasty man draped in too bright red.

She laughed, a chilling sound, betraying her immortality.

”It´s already been placed in my garden. It fits perfectly.”

The Dealer paled as he realised his mistake; ancient magic should never be revealed to a vampire.


Happy Halloween, everyone =)

fredag 14 oktober 2011

Pop! Goes the Weasel.

Don´t ask me to define freedom, it´s such a spectacularly grand concept, just realise we don´t want to be tyrannised like the Europeans.

Here´s how this would work: in real life, I would never introduce you to my sister because you might like her more than you like me and that would not be my preferred cuppa.

I watch a documentary about the Egyptian pharaoh Achnaton and there are these reliefs that show his belly, I think it looks rather like my own. Halfway through they present a theory stating that he might have been disfigured based on those reliefs and ain´t that just peachy.

Angst! But I buy new towels -- petroleum blue ones, so pretty, so pretty, with hems in complementary colours. Only they shed copious amounts of fuzz. Petroleum blue fuzz. On the floor, in the bathtub, on me, on my contact lenses. I now vacuum twice a day. I fucking hate it. Petroleum blue hate it.

You and I need so much therapy. It´s not only the way we both obsessively pretend we´re someone else, with different careers and different prospects, while our normal lives carry on as usual. It´s the mood swings, the borderline hysteria, the mental pain that we can´t learn to defend ourselves against. I brush my teeth and I put the head of the toothbrush on my right tonsil and I press hard and white lumps come out of it and land on my tongue and I gag as I scrape them out. I then rinse my toothbrush with chlorine.

Flaming Swords Ahead:

Wha´d´ya mean ”you´re back?”

What´s with your voice? All that breathlessness carrying strangely in the air -- kinda creepy, actually.

And you look like hell, sort of like a pale sponge drifting in and out of sight.

Stop sighing! And stop slapping your forehead like an effing drama queen!

Wha´d´ya want?

No! We´ve been over this; we don´t do ghosts, we do angels. And them downstairs do devil stuff.

No one does ghosts. Ghosts. Do. Not. Exist.

Now go dissolve yourself. Don´t let me catch you here again!

And maybe there´s nothing about me that you fancy, nothing at all. I look at you; your confident laughter is what saves my mornings and your ass in those jeans brings me off before ten a m and the way you run your hand through your hair makes me despair. You´re so young and where does that leave me? I can´t live like this and you compliment me on my experience, my knowledge! You want me to teach you and I want you to touch me.

I menstruate but I put one of my new towels on the floor and I lay down and imagine a Nazi clinic with blond psychopathes impregnating Norwegian women and I come fast and hard.

Never mind me, I like to randomly click on links.

torsdag 22 september 2011

Make Sense!

”A surprisingly small part of what I write is made up,” said the spider to the fly, thus confusing it into immobility. Rhetorical spiders don´t need webs.

Truths about her hair:

- she has not washed it since last April, it´s now incredibly soft, feels like cotton,

- she has not been to a hairdresser since the turn of the Millennium.

These truths might be considered shallow observations, but they could also be looked upon as more profound cultural aspects. We are after all, all of us products of a cultural context, our (yours and mine) present one declaring that hair should be washed regularly and tended to by a professional hairdresser.

The nastiest thing about being a surgical nurse is not all the ick that emerges when patients are cracked open. It´s not the blood, the puke or the stuff that happens when people die. No, the nastiest thing is when you prep a patient for surgery and you have to clean their bellybutton. No nastier filth on the planet than the stuff that hides inside people´s bellybuttons.

September in pre-school: The child is a difficult one, she´ll scream and fight for no apparent reasons, she has no language and she won´t eat. These issues can be dealt with, but she comes with a woman that presents herself as a friend of the girl´s mother, the mother is apparently studying on another continent. Upon closer examination the case proves to be a more complex one; the girl has no legal guardian and no residence permit. Social services become involved and different scenarios are discussed. In the end the woman that claims to be the mother returns and takes the child abroad. Another interruption. Another uprooting. What happens to a brain that is never allowed some rest, to a soul that is never really loved, to a human that never has a chance to truly connect with other humans? Sometimes the girl´s face seems reflected in the mirror in the playroom. Her eyes appear inscrutable.

During day, when I go about being cold, getting colder, surviving a gray rain that slowly morphs into snow, I long for you. You open your arms and let me curl up against you every night and your love seep into my core like microwaves, warming me from the inside.

söndag 11 september 2011


Words I had to look up today: culprit, wrangle, transitive. Wrangle I sort of knew, but I wanted more. Translation of transitive was not satisfactory. U have used 55,8 GB of Local Disc C. U have 1,88 GB left before THE UNIVERSE IMPLODES! Just sayin´.

Toddlers had crackers on my floors. I hate that, they crumble all over. I had to smile and pretend like I don´t give a shit because they´re all cute and I love them. Zero minutes after they left I vacuumed.

Ferns keep growing on the table (not the one I love and want; the Newton coffee table for 1538,46 $ -- yes, google it!) and spill over the edges and grow into a dinosaur forest that haunt my dreams, not because it scares me, but because I might prefer it.

I do nothing that I want. I know nothing of myself. I work and I cook and I clean and Stepford, Stepford, Stepford. What if I lose myself in here and no one comes to get me? What if no one notices I´m gone and that´s it? That was my time on Earth?

I think a lot about time these days (too) and it´s possible that the concept of (linear) time is a purely human construct. T thinks no, but I´m uncertain. We had coffee and discussed it. Result: the coffee made me feel perky. That was the complete result, nothing more came out of this action. I have begun to store my coffee in the freezer, I hate it when it tastes flat. I should really go to Barcelona.

Things I want to tell you; I miss you, I can´t spend my time online -- it consumes me, I miss the me-ness that is me.

I could draw retro prints or write a children´s book. For whom would I do this? I could go out of business on every level. And you know, I don´t know.

I crave myself. We regret to announce that Local Disc C is now full.

torsdag 14 juli 2011

I Spy with my Little Eye...

Things are slowly moving towards normality. The weather gets an outstanding, although some days it´s been sort of wearing me out with all its bright cheeriness.

I tried to get some painting done, but my husband went north of the polar circle and brought with him our only key to the garage so -- no paint access! Then I simply have to endure some more coffee and reading on the porch…

Hm, on reading and writing: I´m happy to say I seem to be able to concentrate on finishing a whole book again, I have had some problems with that recently (flash fiction has been my best friend!) and I was thinking maybe I suffer from some kind of concentration disorder (ADHD? Tourette´s?), but now I´m back on track =)

I haven´t been writing. I know I´ve had other things on my mind, but it still puts me out of balance. And I have to question myself: why do I feel the need to write? Why do I invest all this time and energy in it? What do I hope to get out of it? Sometimes I really do imagine myself being a writer, a real one, but then I don´t know if I want to be a writer for the right reasons. When I really think it through I think my main reason for wanting to write a book is to prove to myself that I can. To prove I can really do it all by myself and to prove to myself I can make interesting things happen, that I can make radical changes. But that´s not what drives me when I actually write, then I do it because it´s so much fun and because it thrills me to tweak language in a way that truthfully communicates my thoughts (or something?). Oh! Do you see the discrepancy? And meanwhile life goes on and I keep choosing to stay in my imaginary worlds instead of participating in what´s going on around me. What if writing is BAD for me???

I often can´t bring myself to talk to people about my writing. This is terrible, but I think I guard my ideas with jealousy. Like I think someone would steal them if I put them out there =( And I think I´m more this way when I don´t write that much, when I feel insecure and doubt myself and my abilities. And yet I know I´m better when I get to bounce my thoughts and ideas against other´s brains, and I believe that´s true for most people. Yet another area in which I need to improve…

And insecurity… suddenly everyone else is so much more talented and have so much more fun and accomplish so much more than me…

No! Back to the porch it is!

torsdag 7 juli 2011

Trifolium Spadiceum

Found it on my lawn. Everything grows there, it´s a very liberal lawn. Put small stones in a circle around it, so my husband won´t accidently kill it.

Tread carefully. Makes one´s steps seem dancy, that, like I´m some kind of fairy or something. Am too old to be fairy. Not too old to be fair.

Flies crawl all over me. It feels nice when they crawl on my arms and legs. It´s wrong of me to think so. I hide it from people. Flies only get to crawl freely when I´m alone.

It´s an unexpected thing when someone stops eating. Please, just one more bite, you say, and then you go to McDonald´s and you order a happy meal with six chicken McNuggets in it and a small burger and three cokes – for a whole family. You make him eat two of those nuggets and you only drink a coke, but you tell yourself it´s just because it´s so bloody hot right now, has nothing to do with worry, no.

Midsomer Murders on the telly and you can´t concentrate. I can´t concentrate? We?

That man with dark hair seems really nice. A tremendous crush on him seems appropriate. Will he smile if I ask him to? Will he eat?

That and also: tell me all will be fine.

onsdag 1 juni 2011

Lost in Space

I just realised I feel utterly lost. For no reason at all. I suppose it´s just another one of my luxury problems. Things Being Wrong With My Brain while I´m perfectly warm/fed/loved. I despise myself. I´m so afraid someone (mum, dad or T) will die. If something happens to Th or M I´ll bleed. For real. I´ll use a knife. I try to sleep but my thoughts won´t leave me alone. Why is this? For what reason? What´s the purpose? What´s the architecture of my brain? We already know languages come fairly easy to me, as do math and other intellectual subjects. But I´m utterly incapable of keeping myself sane. Maybe that makes me disposable. Yes, I think so. But that´s just another one of my pretentious attitudes because I would fight for my life, my right to life, until the ugly end. Obviously I would kill to live.

I watered the hedge and I thought about my reasons. I want attention and I want people to think I´m good at what I´m doing. I checked out the homepage of the university founded in 1477 and the stuff I´m seriously interested in (neuroscience seen in an educational/didactical perspective) is not available to me on the level that I want. Shit. Shit. Shit. I totally should have gone for a Ph D back in the days.

I fought with my son and it´s not his fault he´s as stubborn as I am.

I. Know. What´s. Right. Why can´t I use it on myself?

Quick is pretty so I tone my muscles (define in my language) with tuna and rice only. No salt. I run Stockholm marathon in under four hours and that´s good but it´s not enough for me. I paint my house and I write the novel of my generation and my kids are perfect. But still. I miss. I´m afraid. I despise and I loathe. And it wasn´t supposed to be like this. Maybe if I adopt a too-old child from some eastern country? You think? Yes? Giving birth is spectacular. You should try it. It keeps your mind occupied and for once, just this once, you´re totally focused. And then it´s gone. Back to the luxury problems. Maybe I should leave for Africa. Maybe I´m the crown princess. You wouldn´t really know now, would you? Think JT Leroy.

Then T says You need sex. Just like that. I love him. He´s for real. Really. Do you know how rare that is? At least I´m able to appreciate realness. I had a goat named Kisa. You can´t pronounce it, the first sound doesn´t exist in your language. She had eyes like the devil and she craved my presence. I hope I gave enough. I know what I crave. Someone I know doesn´t. She´s really lost. She pays good money to go to expensive spas and she comes back unsatisfied. Her kind and mine will be the end of this planet. Do you believe in God? In something bigger that yourself? I tried, but I couldn´t. The second law of thermodynamics owns me and that´s it.

I do appreciate life. I know it´s spectacular beyond belief. But as I live the life of goddesses my heart beats in the chest of a fallen angel. I wanted to know everything and there was a price to pay, and yet I could never turn my back on knowledge. Love and knowledge. So why not happiness? Too greedy? Okay, maybe.

Will you stay? I don´t blame you if you don´t. If anything I´ve learned to let go. You do your best from your point of view and I do my. It won´t be enough but I would NEVER blame you. At least this. I hope something bigger than me will show up.

I sat in the shower with my small breasts and one of them were twice as big as the baby´s head and I cried and said You´ll have to go to the hospital and bring me one of those babies born too early because this has gotten out of control and I thought of Sarah in the Bible and when I stood in front of the bathroom mirror milk spurted uncontrollably and stained the glass and I was so unprepared for the more physical aspects of life. Have you seen a dead person?

I´m also lazy. Know this. I feel I have a right to be entertained. If (if at all) I check this for spelling and grammar it´ll be because I´m proud, I suffer from hubris and I want you to think I´m good at English. But prolly I´ll be too lazy. Try to sleep now. No one´s here. There´s nowhere to go but space. Space is a dry and lonely place. I´ve seen worse.

lördag 28 maj 2011

Abra tes ojos!

Cierra sus ojos la última surrealista. Leonora Carrington had 94 years of exploration, so I won´t be sad, but she took a strange and beautiful universe with her.

My time is being consumed, but my mind is in love with shades of gray. Because of that, watch this:

Woodkid Iron

söndag 3 april 2011

I Always Travel In Odd Numbers

Hello, come in! We´re on The Space World!

(why do they re-invent the use of prepositions?)

(can space be spun by yarn??)

Press ”bird” then!

The concept of collective consciousness have grown immensely in my universe since 1996. I now see my strings intricately entwined with yours all over the planet, and obviously, continuing into space. I find your art, so stunning, and it saves me and I want to thank you but how? How?

What I´m looking for I know. I rarely find it. I´m beginning to think I´m old enough to create it myself. Why? Aha! This is what I´ve discovered, this is what I know; if someone creates something new it will appeal to other kindred spirits and then some of them will start their own projects, being inspired by the first one but taking it further and then the first creator will get what she wanted and more! SEE THE CUNNINGNESS OF THIS PLAN! Can´t do it by myself though, creative minds collaborating rules! I know this. I´ve investigated these matters for decades.

Sometimes she likes to stress her ”bodily being”, OD on caffeine and nicotine so that her head hurts and her stomach gets upset. It reminds her, you see, of her place in this universe. It´s something concrete, substantial as opposed to the electrical current that flows through her mind when it´s inspired, infected by that previously mentioned art. The electricity makes her think she´s immortal, detached from flesh and able to ride the loa as she wishes. She is too far gone for this, she is no longer fourteen and she knows the smell of her own blood.

Bombed by strange particles,
she opens her eyes, to the marvels of Jupiter dawns,
and dissolves, into stardust, again.

”Lookit! I´ve got I girly corner! It´s pink!”


I need you to see my point. We have this cultural TV program called Kobra and it´s kept me sane through many times/many comforting-unbearably-sad-baby-moments, since it assures me I´m not an alien (I LOVE public service TV!). Anyhow, some years ago they had this feature where two completely different kind of musicians were invited each week and given about three hours to make a song together. Here is my favourite, creative minds collaborating indeed:

Freddie and Frida

torsdag 24 mars 2011


You tattoo yourself, like you were never meant to last.

That´ll look like crap, I say, in twenty years. And you smile.

An ancient smile -- you´re not going beyond this revolution.

What would it take, you say, to make you like yourself?

Oh, I dunno -- a size zero appearance?

Is it eating you, the discrepancy between real life and your dreams?

Obsessively watching english Al-Jazeera doesn´t make you interesting.

Or interested.

Just pathetic.

Where is my revolution?

Damn, I think it´s televised.


Mood: 90 degree angle

Music: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

@ This Is Where I Spend My Summers

måndag 7 mars 2011

Flight 69

Shit, ovulating!


I don´t mind having a cold as long as I´m being cuffed and used.

Writing, as I´m sure you all know, can be a real bitch. For me, it´s like this: I start writing something and maybe initially it´s good. Fresh. New. Then I continue and I fiddle and I polish and it sort of dies in my hands. Like it´s only good before I´m tamed by what I´m doing, when everything´s wild and new. Conclusion: I will never be a true writer! I´m only good (goodish?) when I improvise! Leavemeleavemeleaveme! No, stay! And forgive my short-comings.

The dilemma: I did not raise you to tell lies, young lady!

The possible answers:

 This is the truth.

 I´m merely bending reality.

 I´m telling a story.

I. Will. Not. Feel. Sorry. For. Myself. I have health food house love.

This you need to hear. Please chose ”Flight 69”. F*ck Force Five Welcome to Sweden, darlings =)

lördag 5 mars 2011

Catching the Cat Bus

It´s Saturday and I´m faced with choices.

I know an animal that breaths through its back!

A whale, obviously. What about anglerfish?

They have gills.

So they don´t need to breathe?

It´s like this; it´s the oxygen we need and oxygen exists in air and water. Our lungs can extract it from air but not from water, it´s the opposite for fish.

I know. You told me.

Quit drawing on the living room table!

Do you know you mess with me when you remove stuff you´ve written from the internet? I go back and I try to find something and it´s gone. And I don´t care if you´ve evolved and moved on. That stuff meant something to someone and I´m not here to evaluate you on maturity or wit, I couldn´t care less actually -- be anyone you like, I´m here privately. And you never know what piece of information was important to me; it might have been the way you described something, your desperation or something you recommended. But now it´s gone. Well, copy stuff and keep them, you say, but I´m not that anal. Just leave things the way they are.

Ah, release it into the wind, you say, let it go! You´re right, I know, so why does change upset me? Why does loss, even the loss of some stranger´s internet thoughts, make me sad?

A man from another country moved to a small village and met someone´s schoolfriend. They had a baby boy and the man bought the village gas station and learned the language. He worked very hard, people respected him for that, came from a real working culture, someone´s dad said. He and the schoolfriend split up, but he stayed in the village, improved the gas station, built a pizza restaurant next to it, became part of the community. Eleven years later he took his son back to his home country and two of his male relatives held the boy while a third man performed a circumcision on him. Much against his will. When they came back to the village the boy caught an infection and had to be hospitalized to get well. Lots of sympathy was offered to his mother on facebook. No one shops at the gas station these days. Seriously, someone´s parents drive like 30 kilometres to get gas. The man will be out of business soon. That´s how small villages operate.

Somewhere the sport´s holiday just started. A family´s hosting a massive cold. The daughter´s lived in her pj´s for a week now and the son´s dizzy with fever, the dad´s got a sore throat and the mum´s got an eye infection. Some sport´s holiday! Although, they´re watching My Neighbour Totoro so you shouldn´t feel sorry for them.

And then she bought some new mittens, because her old ones were all worn out.

Choices. I ask myself; what would Charlie Sheen do?

tisdag 1 mars 2011

Spring-Clean Attempts

It´s March and we need to spring-clean them brains!

Where to start? Where to start?

I could give you some advice, but as life move along I´m leaning away from that sort of behaviour as it seems to enhance the amount of guilt in people´s lives, not the amount of quality.

Recipes? You want recipes? I bought fenugreek in an enthusiastic attempt to become more apt at African cooking. So far, well, we´ll just have to see -- strange can become delicious! I have other recipes, I have written down things I actually know how to make, but ah bleh sudden loss of interest...

Writing then. Nothing I can teach you, but we can always inspire each other. Some time ago I submitted four very short stories to ”Short, Fast and Deadly”. I was fairly certain at least some of them would be accepted, but they all got rejected and I got disappointed. So. Silly. I thought I´d moved beyond that, but no. Well, I applied one of my favourite strategies on this situation: I rearranged reality to better fit my needs.

This is what I came up with: the editor, a sensitive, real artistic guy, read my work and was so taken in by my talent he found it unbearable. Therefore, he had some wine, got thoroughly pissed and when he woke up the next morning my writing was gone! Vanished! From real life and his computer. Oh, the tragedy! The poor man now roams the Earth, starved and pale, glass shoe in hand, in search of me and my awesome work -- he can´t live without any of us! This is now how I remember it, yes it is! Fixed memory!

Whaddya mean? ”What about the rejection email?” Get with the story line, people! He was drunk and completely beside himself! Jeez…

I don´t think the stories really fit anywhere else though (with that very specific S, F & D rule they can´t be more than 420 characters) so here they are. Maybe they can be of some input use to some of you:

Power Dreams
On my lampshade there´s a pattern of dragonflies. So pretty those creatures; nicely shaped and completely symmetrical. As I fall asleep they come alive and I imagine myself reaching out for their fragile bodies and picking them, one by one. I collect them into a bouquet, their shimmering wings flutter helplessly as I put them in a vase. Now wouldn´t they make a master piece on any fancy old dinner table?

Tentacle Love
He´s got a very special talent; he can grow as many arms as he likes. He´s holding me tightly against himself, my bum against his erection, and I mold myself after him as he parts my labia, pinches my nipples, fists my hair. More arms; I suck on his finger as I offer him my wrists to hold, secure, restrain. He brings me off with the talents of a god and if, in the end, he happens to strangle me, I won´t object.

Nothing´s cleaner than the first snow. In spring, she planted marigold by the stones in his backyard. They laughed and kissed. Her tomatoes grew during summer; she served them with mozzarella and he thought maybe, just maybe. Come fall she harvested carrots, silent and angry. The frost bruised the rest, like he bruised her. She said she´d leave but he put her where she belonged -- in his pure winter garden.

Family Photos
There´s a reluctance in the way he regards the world. ”You have to accept it for what it is!” she laughs, and frames her photos. Family photos. His smile is always forced and she laughs again, condescending, when she watches it.

In the last photo he takes of her she´s lying still on the floor, a pale beauty with hair drenched in red. He thinks she finally communicates some truth. He didn´t know she had it in her.

Bim, tiddely pom, tralla la la la… Oh, you still here? Very sweet of you! Let me share one thing: there´s a woman with a music project called ”Hello Saferide”. She´s from my hometown and you might not like the music or you might get really annoyed with her for having an accent (much like my own I imagine) but if you can see beyond that, I really think she´s got some special talent when it comes to writing. And she´s serious about it, which makes her a kindred spirit and an inspiration because she actually does this for a living. And she gets it out there, even if some of it isn´t correct or perfect… Her Swedish writing is more nuanced of course, but we can´t share that so… Bla bla bla "Hello Saferide", lyrics. Check it out if you want to.

And Becky, this is for you! The first photo ever taken of me as I arrived here!

You do know I´m taking you with me when I leave, don´t you? Your talent is expected elsewhere =)

onsdag 2 februari 2011

February Femmes Fatales!

I´m thrilled and honoured to be one of Lily Childs´ February Femmes Fatales! Thank you, Lily -- love goes to you for this =)

Abnormal Growths in My Plastic Mind

torsdag 6 januari 2011

Don´t! No, seriously: Just. Don´t.

Ok, have you seen Ingmar Bergman´s ”Fanny and Alexander”? It´s a damn good movie but that´s not my point. There´s this character in it called Gustav Adolf Ekdahl played by Jarl Kulle, and he´s a rich, horny guy that shags maids.

So here´s a vision: a Nineteenth century house, lit up with candles and chrystal chandeliers. It´s Christmas Eve and there´s a big party going on. Everyone´s at the table; gala dresses, pretty hairdos, jewelery, lots of noise and laughter. Outside: poor people, skinny and badly dressed, in blueish light, looking in on the festivities.

And, and, and, here it comes: the centerpiece of the table is a girl, a maid, dressed up as a turkey but with a red apple in her mouth. She´s on her elbows and knees and her neither parts are bare, framed by fake turkey feathers – U get the pic. She curves her back and shows her fanny to everyone. Behind her is Gustav Adolf Ekdahl, also on his knees on the table, pants down, erection up and laughing together with his dinner guests who all seem to think this is so much fun. The he takes her. Everyone at the party´s happy. The poor people press their noses against the window glass and watch.

Is this someone´s vision? Did the someone have this vision during sex? Really? For realz?!! Why? WHYYYYY???