söndag 3 april 2011

I Always Travel In Odd Numbers

Hello, come in! We´re on The Space World!

(why do they re-invent the use of prepositions?)

(can space be spun by yarn??)

Press ”bird” then!

The concept of collective consciousness have grown immensely in my universe since 1996. I now see my strings intricately entwined with yours all over the planet, and obviously, continuing into space. I find your art, so stunning, and it saves me and I want to thank you but how? How?

What I´m looking for I know. I rarely find it. I´m beginning to think I´m old enough to create it myself. Why? Aha! This is what I´ve discovered, this is what I know; if someone creates something new it will appeal to other kindred spirits and then some of them will start their own projects, being inspired by the first one but taking it further and then the first creator will get what she wanted and more! SEE THE CUNNINGNESS OF THIS PLAN! Can´t do it by myself though, creative minds collaborating rules! I know this. I´ve investigated these matters for decades.

Sometimes she likes to stress her ”bodily being”, OD on caffeine and nicotine so that her head hurts and her stomach gets upset. It reminds her, you see, of her place in this universe. It´s something concrete, substantial as opposed to the electrical current that flows through her mind when it´s inspired, infected by that previously mentioned art. The electricity makes her think she´s immortal, detached from flesh and able to ride the loa as she wishes. She is too far gone for this, she is no longer fourteen and she knows the smell of her own blood.

Bombed by strange particles,
she opens her eyes, to the marvels of Jupiter dawns,
and dissolves, into stardust, again.

”Lookit! I´ve got I girly corner! It´s pink!”


I need you to see my point. We have this cultural TV program called Kobra and it´s kept me sane through many times/many comforting-unbearably-sad-baby-moments, since it assures me I´m not an alien (I LOVE public service TV!). Anyhow, some years ago they had this feature where two completely different kind of musicians were invited each week and given about three hours to make a song together. Here is my favourite, creative minds collaborating indeed:

Freddie and Frida