onsdag 18 augusti 2010

Groupie Ambitions

It´s "Three Word Wednesday". The words: grimace, phase, stumble.

Groupie Ambitions

Looking back at it, I can clearly see I was going through a phase. I would like to call it my ´troubled teenager´ phase, but to be honest, it was more like a ´I crave sex with musicians´ kind of phase.

That night, my favourite local band played and I was determined to earn true groupie status by sleeping with one of them, anyone of them.

I wore my favourite black top, some skirt with bohemian ambitions and heels, of course. The party was held in the basement of the place where they had played, and had the right worn down, rocker kind of look. I was thrilled when I entered, when I had my first glass of red wine and when the deliciously bad boys of the band arrived. Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled – this was going to be my night.

An excessive amount of alcohol later, I approached the pretty, dark one that always wrote their lyrics. I don´t know why I thought I had to impress him, honestly, to just reveal my intentions would probably have worked like a charm.

”Have you ever thought about the words ´passion´and ´illusion´,” I spluttered, ”I think they´re great together, I think you should use them.”

I leaned closer to him, showing some cleavage and feeling pretty good about myself. The faint grimace of repulsion that ghosted over his face was probably due to some bitter tang in his drink or whatever.

” ´Burn´ is a good one too,” I continued, my movements growing wilder and my personality scattered all over the place. ”You should definitely use that one.”

I tried to look at him, but found that I really couldn´t focus. He turned away and started talking to someone else. I think I probably stood there for a good five minutes before I got the hint.

At least no one laughed when I stumbled away, I´m sure no one noticed.

12 kommentarer:

  1. A skirt with Bohemian ambitions, ahhh. I think I had one or more of those. :)

    This is great! Your storytelling skills are very unique to you, and I really enjoy reading.

  2. I loved this. Just fine, fine writing.

  3. Humiliating. Nicely written. Probably better for her though, how long could she feel good about herself if she does that?

  4. ah, the indiscretions of youth and booze..I never knew it would be difficult for girls to get some..

  5. RSBohn: Awww, thanks! I´m happy you liked it and I really enjoy your feedback, it means a lot to me =)

    ThomG: Thank you so much for awesome praise!

    gautami tripathy: Thank you so much, I´m glad you liked it!

    K: TY! I like my characters somewhat broken =)

    Michael Solender: Well, we sometimes make the mistake of complicating things… Hopefully as we grow older we become wiser and shut up and get laid ;)

  6. Ah Well, you win some and you lose some, eh? Main character and her feelings well written.

  7. Ah, youth. But at least she can't say she never even tried, and the result was something she'll laugh at later. A different outcome could've led to regret.

  8. Ah, so the boy was selective, he didn't *&^% everything in a skirt. A bohemian skirt, no less! Good for him!

    This was well written....

  9. Angel: I lean towards the sad, the damaged and twisted… =)

    Rinkly Rimes: Heee, thanks for reading and commenting!

    Dreamer: TY for your kind comment!

    bunnygirl: You´re probably right. Thanks for reading and commenting =)

    rebecca: Real marriage material, huh? I´m happy you liked it =)