torsdag 2 september 2010

Flattened, Burned and Mummified

Time for Three Word Wednesday. The words: break, negative, surface. I had fun with these words =)

Flattened, Burned and Mummified

”What you readin´ ?”

”A photo magazine.”

”What´s with that guy? He looks creepy.”

”It´s a negative. It´s sort of the opposite to an ordinary photo; where the colours would normally be dark…”

”He looks dead.”

”Yeah, I suppose.”

”Lynn thinks everyone becomes flat when they die.”

”Really? Why?”

”She thinks the only way to die is to get run over by a car.”


”Grandpa said we´d all become stamps, then.”


”If we´re gonna be flat. He said we could´ve used Great Grandma as a stamp and put her on a postcard. Would´ve been nice for her, he said, to do some travelling, and she´d have made herself useful as a stamp.”

”He didn´t say that!”

”Did too!”

”Yes, well, he didn´t mean it, obviously. I´ll talk to him.”

”Do you still wanna be burned when you die?”

”Cremated, yes.”


”Do you find that sad, talking about me dying? Hey, don´t cover your face. Baby, are you crying?”

”No. It´s just… I thought maybe I could have you, you know, when you´re dead. To make you into a mummy. I´ve never actually seen a real mummy.”

”Right! Of course. But no, that´s not possible. One can´t do that. We bury our dead properly.”

”In graveyards, I know. I saw the hole for Great Grandma´s coffin, it was deep.

”Yes, they have to be deep.”


”Well… We don´t want the coffins too close to the surface, I suppose… In case they´d come up again, or something. I dunno…”

”That´d be better for the people digging up skeletons, though, easier for them.”

”Don´t say that. No one takes dead people´s bones. That just doesn´t happen.”

”But maybe wolves would come digging for the bones. They like bones, and they´re strong. I bet they could break the coffins.”

”Right. That´s it. We bury people deep down where no one can touch them. End of discussion.”

”Oh, okay. But… If you´re going to get burned…”


”Well, can I do it? Over a bonfire?”

”No. But go ask Grandpa, maybe you can burn him. Run along, this Mummy needs a drink.”

6 kommentarer:

  1. Sick and twisted and great writing and I love it.

  2. Hahaha! You show your humorous side here at last. Oh, but of course, it's still dark. :) And for me, that is, like, the perfect combination.

  3. Hey, you two!

    "Sick, twisted and dark". I usually write total fiction, but sometimes I use some RL stuff, won´t tell you how much of that kind I worked with today...

    Thanks for great compliments =)

  4. What strange little conversations! ;-)

    One has to wonder, though, who came up with the idea of mummification. Talk about sick creativity.

  5. I like this little discussion. It sounded/felt so natural. And of course real life can be quite dark (and a bit funny) at times, right. Art imitating life and all that jazz. Kudos.

  6. bunnygirl: Yes, strange, indeed! And not entirely made up, I´m afraid… Thanks for inspiration goes to my kids, my niece and my dad =)

    K: I´m so glad this came off as natural to you, that´s what I aimed for! Thanks =)