torsdag 6 januari 2011

Don´t! No, seriously: Just. Don´t.

Ok, have you seen Ingmar Bergman´s ”Fanny and Alexander”? It´s a damn good movie but that´s not my point. There´s this character in it called Gustav Adolf Ekdahl played by Jarl Kulle, and he´s a rich, horny guy that shags maids.

So here´s a vision: a Nineteenth century house, lit up with candles and chrystal chandeliers. It´s Christmas Eve and there´s a big party going on. Everyone´s at the table; gala dresses, pretty hairdos, jewelery, lots of noise and laughter. Outside: poor people, skinny and badly dressed, in blueish light, looking in on the festivities.

And, and, and, here it comes: the centerpiece of the table is a girl, a maid, dressed up as a turkey but with a red apple in her mouth. She´s on her elbows and knees and her neither parts are bare, framed by fake turkey feathers – U get the pic. She curves her back and shows her fanny to everyone. Behind her is Gustav Adolf Ekdahl, also on his knees on the table, pants down, erection up and laughing together with his dinner guests who all seem to think this is so much fun. The he takes her. Everyone at the party´s happy. The poor people press their noses against the window glass and watch.

Is this someone´s vision? Did the someone have this vision during sex? Really? For realz?!! Why? WHYYYYY???

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