torsdag 4 april 2013

Mass Effect 3

Allow me, pretty please, to change the subject:

K pees blood. It has happened three times during the last two weeks and it´s not a urinary infection. Two likely scenarios: it´s cancer in the unirary bladder, it´s cancer in the kidneys.

Would you like to learn those words in Swedish?

Cancer in the uninary bladder – cancer i urinblåsan.

Cancer in the kidneys – njurcancer.

BTW, if it´s really cancer, I might kill myself. I hate cancer.

K is a nice guy. No really, he´s one of the best. I strive to be kind. For me, it´s a learning process, for K, it comes naturally. You would love him, because he would love you -- he´s the best.

Oh please dear god, ohpleasedeargod, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

I will drink wine and have sex. If there´s another way, I haven´t heard of it =(

Another thing: apparently I sit on the second largest uranium deposit in the world. Well, not me personally, but my people. I don´t know if I´ve told you, but we´re all about mountains and forests and untouched lakes. It´s all nature, nature, nature with us. But now companies from all over the world are drilling for uranium in our land and they like what they see. So top mining then?

Cancer and top mining.

Two of my least favourite things.

I could say I bet we´ll survive but HAHA! Never ever! Come see me now if you want to see me, I´ll be dead whenever from whatever.

So sex it is then.

This I made today:

Fry salmon in 1 centimetre cubes and add spinach (spinach beet? I´m confused). Then add chili and garlic and salt and black pepper and crème fraiche and lobster broth. Serve with pasta.

When you eat, avoid thoughts on cancer.

Being human is so much more than I ever imagined. Maybe I made it all up. If I were Batman and you were Alfred, you´d keep my secrets. I´m deeply uncomfortable with all of this, but have it your way. Call me if you´re interested in coitus.

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