söndag 11 september 2011


Words I had to look up today: culprit, wrangle, transitive. Wrangle I sort of knew, but I wanted more. Translation of transitive was not satisfactory. U have used 55,8 GB of Local Disc C. U have 1,88 GB left before THE UNIVERSE IMPLODES! Just sayin´.

Toddlers had crackers on my floors. I hate that, they crumble all over. I had to smile and pretend like I don´t give a shit because they´re all cute and I love them. Zero minutes after they left I vacuumed.

Ferns keep growing on the table (not the one I love and want; the Newton coffee table for 1538,46 $ -- yes, google it!) and spill over the edges and grow into a dinosaur forest that haunt my dreams, not because it scares me, but because I might prefer it.

I do nothing that I want. I know nothing of myself. I work and I cook and I clean and Stepford, Stepford, Stepford. What if I lose myself in here and no one comes to get me? What if no one notices I´m gone and that´s it? That was my time on Earth?

I think a lot about time these days (too) and it´s possible that the concept of (linear) time is a purely human construct. T thinks no, but I´m uncertain. We had coffee and discussed it. Result: the coffee made me feel perky. That was the complete result, nothing more came out of this action. I have begun to store my coffee in the freezer, I hate it when it tastes flat. I should really go to Barcelona.

Things I want to tell you; I miss you, I can´t spend my time online -- it consumes me, I miss the me-ness that is me.

I could draw retro prints or write a children´s book. For whom would I do this? I could go out of business on every level. And you know, I don´t know.

I crave myself. We regret to announce that Local Disc C is now full.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Why are you frying demon baby heads in a pan? They are much better baked in the oven with capers and little peppers.

    I've missed your words too.

  2. Words I've had to look up (so far) today: patchouli, laconic and frustling.

    Patchouli meant what I already knew it did, but as to the scent I am still none the wiser.

    Laconic did not mean what I thought.

    Frustling, it seemed, initially, was not a word. But the internet provides and apparently it is 'the shaking and showing of feathers by birds'.

    Which definition was in the Grandiloquent Dictionary. Providing me with a fourth word to look up... =D

    I've always thought of time as a human construct, like centimetres. Existence is a fleeting instant (or series of such), we merely use time to track the progress of these instants in our perpetual efforts to understand.

    I too, miss your words.

  3. @all of you: when you say you miss my words I go all mushy =) It´s the nicest thing to get comments like these!

    @Jenny: among other things I´ve been spending time grocery shopping for one at the racetrack and it´s been absolutely splendid!

    ... I am wondering what Bukowski did, though...

    What they say: you should go out more -- I kiss your words!

    @Becky: U made me LOL on a Monday morning =) I have demon baby heads for my birthday dinner every year -- yes, this is true. I would prefer exclusive sushi. (Will try your recipe, obviously... ;)

    @John: Frustling is brilliant, can´t wait to use it =)

    Feel free to discuss time, existence, science and philosophy in general with me anytime you wish -- these things are of perpetual interest to me =)

    Grandiloquent is a challenge, can´t just slip that one into any story...