lördag 3 december 2011


Sometimes I feel I´m too sensitive. That sounds like absolute rubbish, but hear me out: it´s like my skin is a membrane too leachy for this kind of reality.

I let anything through, I let anything in. And I can´t defend myself. Intrusion is expected and I´m eternally caught by the fragility of mankind.

If you want tears, I´m your girl!

I try to practise writing, but I´m sad to say it will only take me so far. I. Will. Do. It. On. Lust. On inspiration. Because I love. IloveIloveilove. And that´s it.


I know.

I´m not


anymore =)


Please meet my girl Laleh

4 kommentarer:

  1. Do you think you might have an alien parasite living inside you? Or is it not alien?

    I wish I could love and lust like you.

  2. Lots of creatures live inside me. I suppose they´re aliens but I don´t think they´re parasites. Sometimes I turn my eyes backwards and watch them =)

    However, a few days ago I watched "Alien Resurrection" again and pretended I was Ripley, so maybe you´re right. Heee maybe I have badass acid blood then =)

    You are far more passionate than me, you´re dedicated and I´m like bleh got bored lost concentration *turns eyes inside head to see if aliens might be having sex*

  3. I have to remember sometimes it's lovely to listen to pop and just let yourself feel.

    Utmärkt. Tack.

  4. Your means of expression are a force to be reckoned with. It's raw and refined at once. I wish for that.

    (So... I'm also visiting because I've nominated you for a blogging award on my site. You can accept or decline as you wish, but I've decided to use this award as a means of getting around to some friends and new acquaintances that I haven't often visited. You can pick up your award, or merely drop by for a chuckle at my attempt to be "interesting." )