söndag 26 februari 2012

From Russia with Love

The center of this tarte is still slightly runny.

I´m not depressed, just a tad sad. Tad sad, tad sad, tadsad. And then I can´t sleep properly, Haha.

…and small pebbles are placed on her eyes. Those are annoying, they get in the way.

I miss you. I made pasta, would you have eaten it? Like, I made it from scratch, in an ideal world you would have loved it.

Okay, then. All right. Or: alright? Who knows? Not me, I´m foreign. Not Russian, though. That would have been cool (think Metro 2033).

I shoveled the porch. So heavy. Went through half of it and felt exhausted. See, if I´d have done it properly, like directly after every snowfall, it would have gone smoothly, but no, I let it sit, and now it´s all heavy and packed and shaped into symmetric flakes. The story of my life; postponing, postponing, postponing. Don´t you just love it when I repeat myself. Sort of requires U loved me from start -- hehe, u:r bad. Can I do this without vowels? Cn I? I is a vowel

My son is playing Hedwig´s Theme on the keyboard. Don´t you find it fascinating that it´s part of their context? Like all of it. They´ve never lived in a world without cell phones. Remember Neuromancer.

I can´t make the music come into my phone. That´s a really bad thing. The computer won´t recognise the phone (cell phone, obviously). So no music. Makes my walks boring. All that silence, I can imagine almost everything, but I can´t make music come alive. Music rules. I want my music back.

Am sad and tired. Tried sleep. What now, then?

I bite through the crust, I bite through your skin and it´s all so runny, such a delightful mess. I don´t think blood tastes of umami, you just made that up! If we make everything up it stops making sense! Gravity is a force of its own, you can´t make up new rules to mold it into the rest of the system, that will only move you further away from the truth. Don´t you see that? You say: there are no truths, and I agree, but making up your own truths is still not the answer, I´m sorry, but it just isn´t.

Release me now. Enjoy. Be my guest. Thank you.

I´ve killed without repercussion. It´s all about context. There really are no truths. Bend down and touch me, please.

5 kommentarer:

  1. You need to find a computer expert and make the music come into your phone. This is very serious. Don't give up.

  2. I kind of meant to play Metro 2033, if I ever saw it cheaply enough. But then I meant to read the book, too, and that has been sitting on my shelf for a while, unread.

    I used to be able to sleep at the drop of a hat, or a head to a pillow. Nowadays, not so much, and the biggest change? I'm more tired. Shouldn't that make it easier for me to sleep?

    I'm sorry you're sad. I hope you feel less sad, soon. =)

  3. No! Fight technology! Bohn is the insidious whisper bearing false gifts (like working musical phones).

  4. How dreadful, Jenny. To portray me as some snake in the garden, presenting poison apples to the robot Snow White.

    My whispers are the truth of technology. They are the dirty diapers of the first super computers, presenting porn in 8-bit glory. Bend your head, darling, lend me your ear. Let me tell you about The Lordz of Brooklyn, or better, Flo Rida, so that you have something to listen to between text messages read aloud by Siri, that goddess.

    Listen... listen...

    Kind Regards,
    Le Chanteuse

    PS Does anybody really know what "chanteuse" means?

  5. I´m confused. Can the robot Snow White have lots and lots of monkey sex? Because if so, I´m okay with all of the above.

    Becky: contemporary cultural references are lost on me, but by now, I´m so used to listening to your songs that it doesn´t really matter. I know you speak the Thruth, Oh Grande Chanteuse!

    Jenny: I don´t have to fight technology, it fights me! Besides, I prefer listening to Becky´s songs. They´re inside the wires, growing stronger every day… You should join me, it´s better in here…

    John: read it! Interesting ideas and an absolutely fascinating setting. We should all meet up in Moscow and try out their subway! Thanks for being so kind, I feel better now =)