lördag 5 mars 2011

Catching the Cat Bus

It´s Saturday and I´m faced with choices.

I know an animal that breaths through its back!

A whale, obviously. What about anglerfish?

They have gills.

So they don´t need to breathe?

It´s like this; it´s the oxygen we need and oxygen exists in air and water. Our lungs can extract it from air but not from water, it´s the opposite for fish.

I know. You told me.

Quit drawing on the living room table!

Do you know you mess with me when you remove stuff you´ve written from the internet? I go back and I try to find something and it´s gone. And I don´t care if you´ve evolved and moved on. That stuff meant something to someone and I´m not here to evaluate you on maturity or wit, I couldn´t care less actually -- be anyone you like, I´m here privately. And you never know what piece of information was important to me; it might have been the way you described something, your desperation or something you recommended. But now it´s gone. Well, copy stuff and keep them, you say, but I´m not that anal. Just leave things the way they are.

Ah, release it into the wind, you say, let it go! You´re right, I know, so why does change upset me? Why does loss, even the loss of some stranger´s internet thoughts, make me sad?

A man from another country moved to a small village and met someone´s schoolfriend. They had a baby boy and the man bought the village gas station and learned the language. He worked very hard, people respected him for that, came from a real working culture, someone´s dad said. He and the schoolfriend split up, but he stayed in the village, improved the gas station, built a pizza restaurant next to it, became part of the community. Eleven years later he took his son back to his home country and two of his male relatives held the boy while a third man performed a circumcision on him. Much against his will. When they came back to the village the boy caught an infection and had to be hospitalized to get well. Lots of sympathy was offered to his mother on facebook. No one shops at the gas station these days. Seriously, someone´s parents drive like 30 kilometres to get gas. The man will be out of business soon. That´s how small villages operate.

Somewhere the sport´s holiday just started. A family´s hosting a massive cold. The daughter´s lived in her pj´s for a week now and the son´s dizzy with fever, the dad´s got a sore throat and the mum´s got an eye infection. Some sport´s holiday! Although, they´re watching My Neighbour Totoro so you shouldn´t feel sorry for them.

And then she bought some new mittens, because her old ones were all worn out.

Choices. I ask myself; what would Charlie Sheen do?

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  1. Nice title for this blog entry. I may have to borrow it if you don't mind for a flash.

    One of my friends who lives outside Stockholm had sportlov this past week. Both of his two kids were out sick; fortunately for him, he and his wife hadn't succumbed to it the last I heard. But the kids are sitting in front of his laptop watching movies (they don't have a TV), so he's not getting much work done.

  2. I know! We´ve had all the "stockholmare" here this past week. Well, at least the ones who visit the mountains. Your poor friend, I can so relate...

    Sure, grab the title =) I was referring to "My Neighbour Totoro". If you haven´t seen it, please do. It´s one of the two best movies evah!