torsdag 24 mars 2011


You tattoo yourself, like you were never meant to last.

That´ll look like crap, I say, in twenty years. And you smile.

An ancient smile -- you´re not going beyond this revolution.

What would it take, you say, to make you like yourself?

Oh, I dunno -- a size zero appearance?

Is it eating you, the discrepancy between real life and your dreams?

Obsessively watching english Al-Jazeera doesn´t make you interesting.

Or interested.

Just pathetic.

Where is my revolution?

Damn, I think it´s televised.


Mood: 90 degree angle

Music: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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5 kommentarer:

  1. I read this a little while ago and then stomped off, unable to comment. When I saw the title, I thought one thing, but then you spun me around (heheheh), and I was massively jealous for a few seconds.

    Watching English Al-Jazeera--look out, this one's got teeth. But you're smiling while taking a nip at us.

    I like that.

    Where I spend my summers is in a campground for lonely dead children, and as their counselor, I read them Asuqi and listen for their critique. Generally, they like you a lot.

  2. Rebecca captures the dichotomy and playfulness of the poem. Of course, I see too much of myself in here. Except I translate as:

    size 0: yes, I'm bony but in all the ugly places and too fleshy in the other places.

    Reading Dagens Nyheter in Swedish and telling people the temperature in Celsius doesn't make me interesting.

  3. @Becky Heee, U too kind =) LOL on lonely dead children -- yes, they´re obviously my chosen target group!

    You won´t believe how off I am, but I don´t know why that sentence has got teeth! I mean, I can guess but I don´t know for sure. Please tell me! Privately if that´s better =)

    @Aidan Ha! Vi har nog en hel del gemensamt, ja! Jag håller på sådär hela tiden, mest för att jag faktiskt tycker att det är intressant att prova andras perspektiv men ibland också (fan, det får jag erkänna!) för att det får mej att känna mej intressant... Jaja, i alla fall så tänkte jag att du kanske skulle gilla att jag svarade på svenska ;)

  4. Tack så mycket. Jag gillar att du svarade på svenska. Jag ändrats flera gånger i mit liv. Mina resor till sverige och lära sig svenska har varit en stor förändring.

  5. Wow, Aidan! Bra jobbat =) Jag träffar sällan människor från andra länder som har lärt sig mitt språk. Vad kul! Nu blir det som att vi har ett hemligt språk ;)