måndag 7 mars 2011

Flight 69

Shit, ovulating!


I don´t mind having a cold as long as I´m being cuffed and used.

Writing, as I´m sure you all know, can be a real bitch. For me, it´s like this: I start writing something and maybe initially it´s good. Fresh. New. Then I continue and I fiddle and I polish and it sort of dies in my hands. Like it´s only good before I´m tamed by what I´m doing, when everything´s wild and new. Conclusion: I will never be a true writer! I´m only good (goodish?) when I improvise! Leavemeleavemeleaveme! No, stay! And forgive my short-comings.

The dilemma: I did not raise you to tell lies, young lady!

The possible answers:

 This is the truth.

 I´m merely bending reality.

 I´m telling a story.

I. Will. Not. Feel. Sorry. For. Myself. I have health food house love.

This you need to hear. Please chose ”Flight 69”. F*ck Force Five Welcome to Sweden, darlings =)

6 kommentarer:

  1. FFF rocks!! And, Asuqi, you're a helluva good writer!!

  2. Holy fuck, I am glad I found your blog via R.S. Bohn. I've been going through a hellish phase of this crap until quite recently. *shudder*

    I'm glad to see good writer go through the same thing, if you'll forgive me for saying so. You know that misery is a social animal.

  3. Everybody's all about the sex today except for me. I feel left out of the writer's group orgy.

    That's okay. I'll just sit over here and watch. You folk go on with on your bad selves.

    Music: "alternative" "experimental" -- love

  4. @David Thanks, nice you!

    @Jenny MIIISEEERYYY! The more the miserier? I´m glad I found you too =)

    @Becky Where the sex? Gimme the sex!

    Yes, you may watch. Whatever cheers you up, you may have, honey!

  5. Shut up! You write so wonderfully I want to read you every day.

    Can't offer sex (at least not across the waters) but will a virtual huglette do?